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No reason not to scale anymore

Posted on 15/03/2018
No reason not to scale anymore

It’s officially out there, today (June 21, 2016) Belgian entrepreneurship plants its flag in San Francisco. With Atelier in the Bay, Belgian scaling companies can be part of a physical co-working space that functions both as a safe haven and as a launchpad.

So there is literally no reason not to scale anymore. Which is exactly what BelCham (the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce) wants to facilitate. Now the so-called equity gap (lack of needed financial vehicles to invest in growing companies) is slowly but surely disappearing, having a physical initiative to enable the process of scaling to US, comes as the right time.

Atelier in the Bay

After a successful New York launch of the Atelier concept, which is the official name of the BelCham powered co-working facilities, San Francisco ensures an east to west presence. The ‘techization’ of new Belgian business ventures turns San Francisco into the right location to support Belgian entrepreneurship. By being geographically present in the Big Apple and in the Bay Area, BelCham offers an even broader set of possibilities to scaling companies.

Safe haven and launch pad

The two main functions of Atelier are being a safe haven and a launch pad for Belgian entrepreneurial energy. The safe haven function ensures that the needed sense of belonging by being amongst peers can be established. The launch pad embodies the idea of connecting the Belgian entrepreneurs with the right people and the right opportunities to support a successful go to market.

Joining Atelier in the Bay

One of the main values BelCham focuses on is quality. This means in this context that, certainly to scale to the US, the right degree of maturity is important. A company needs sound financials, a marketable product and a business model that is duplicable to be able to join the Atelier ranks.

Learning more about BelCham and its activities can happen here.

Applying for Atelier in the Bay can happen here.