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How to improve your learning speed | A couple of hacks

Posted on 26/06/2018
How to improve your learning speed | A couple of hacks

Personal development goes hand in hand with learning. Gaining and gathering new knowledge should be considered as a lifelong process instead of something that is boxed into a couple of years. The thing about learning is that it takes time. You have to study, memorize and test over and over again.

Luckily there is a thing called Speed Learning. It’s basically a set of lifehacks that significantly improves your ability to learn and support you in upping your learning speed. We scouted the web and came up with 5 hacks to improve your learning speed.

1. Learn by experience

Easily the best way to learn is by actually practicing in real life through real cases. Theory will help you understanding models and concepts. However, you won’t be forced to actually do something applied to that theory. Trying to solve a real-life challenge will help you in mastering the skills you need faster. Simply because it’s needed to complete the objective successfully. Your brain will break down the tasks at hand in different categories, helping you to better identify what you need to do to get the requested result.

2. Stay focused on one thing

We live in an era of notifications. Our attention is constantly requested by a plethora of messages and buzzes coming out of our smartphones. However, multitasking has a negative impact on our ability to learn. Dealing with different inputs at the same time leads to having trouble organizing your thoughts and filtering out irrelevant information. It’s proven that our brain can only focus on one thing at a time because it lacks the capacity to perform different tasks successfully. Funnel your attention to one thing!

3. Exercise

Mens sana in corpore sano. This old Latin proverb states that you need a healthy body to have a healthy mind. Physical exercise helps you in straightening your thoughts, emptying your mind and channeling your energy. The fact that exercise boosts your mental energy is even backed by a number of studies. People who train their body and stay fit will learn faster and remember things easier. A thirty minutes run will definitely do the trick!

4. In your own words

Once you’re able to explain what you have learned to somebody else is the proof point that you haven’t only memorized information, but that you’re also able to put the knowledge in your own words. The best way to speed up this information assimilation is by telling others what you are learning and what you have learned. This basically triggers your brain to search for the information and externalize it by using your own grammar.