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Tech startups overview

Onsophic CX | multi-faceted customer experience solution

13/11/2018 |

Today, customers have a lot more power than ever before. Thanks to a digitized world, customers are already well-informed regarding what organizations have to offer, even before salespeople approach them. … Read more

Hero marketing for startups | Shine without breaking your budget

20/09/2018 |

Have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to buy something if a friend or colleague you trust buys it first? Whether we realize it or not, we are heavily … Read more

Five insights to develop your digital strategy | From idea to action

08/08/2018 |
digial strategy

It’s important to keep changing your marketing strategies with the times, but often, most of the businesses keep using the same methods repeatedly Luckily … Read more

Startup Funnels | The holy grail to product market fit

29/07/2018 |

Heyday! You’re idea turned into something marketable. Be it a workable MVP or a fully functional 150% alfa and beta tested, shiny ready for … Read more

How to improve your learning speed | A couple of hacks

26/06/2018 |

Personal development goes hand in hand with learning. Gaining and gathering new knowledge should be considered as a lifelong process instead of something that is boxed into a couple of … Read more

Apple Search Ads | What’s the fuzz about

15/06/2018 |
Apple Search Ads

Being discovered in the App Store is maybe the single most important focus developers should have during the launch days of their new app. Apple claims, of course, they … Read more

Sharing and finding expertise is crucial for startup success | Here’s why

14/05/2018 |

Every single person on the planet knows WHAT they do. Only some people know HOW they do WHAT they do. But very few people know WHY they do WHAT they … Read more

Startup Stuff | Why your MVP is your MVP

14/04/2018 |

Depending on your crew, MVP might have a different meaning. Startup world’s Minimum Viable Product vs. Ballers world’s Most Valuable Player.

Read more

No reason not to scale anymore

15/03/2018 |

It’s officially out there, today (June 21, 2016) Belgian entrepreneurship plants its flag in San Francisco. With Atelier in the Bay, Belgian scaling companies can be part of a physical … Read more