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Meet the family

Team technologium

Our mission

Through the content on Technologium we want to educate you on what’s newsworthy in the world of technology. Everything evolves at the speed of light and it’s not always easy to keep track, we know this. As a team of digital natives and technology experts, we want to make society more tech savvy. It’s here to stay, that’s for sure, so better get acquainted!

Our focus

  1. Reviews: We talk and write about the latest tech gadgets. Is a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or bluetooth speaker worth the money? We’ll carefully test each device and let you know. You’re in good hands!
  2. Tech literacy: High tech concepts such as Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are changing the world. It’s not always easy to know what they mean and how they’ll impact our lives. We’ll take the difficulty out of technology so you can understand what we’re talking about!
  3. Tech startups: We’re constantly in touch with new tech startups. Those we believe are interesting for you to learn more about, will be presented on Technologium.
  4. Events: As real tech aficionados we’re part of the coolest (big and small) tech events around the globe. We will report live so you know what’s going on!