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Sharing and finding expertise is crucial for startup success | Here’s why

08/12/2017 |

Every single person on the planet knows WHAT they do. Only some people know HOW they do WHAT they do. But very few people know WHY they do WHAT they … Read more

The technologies that fuel the future of mobility

08/12/2017 |

An important driver, literally and figuratively speaking that is, of this future is technology. There is no way around it. Technological advancements, innovations and overall disruption … Read more

Sharing personal mobility | From owning a ride to sharing your ride

08/12/2017 |

Buying a car is a significant decision that requires considering a wide range of factors before making the investment. This used to be the … Read more

No reason not to scale anymore

22/06/2016 |

It’s officially out there, today (June 21, 2016) Belgian entrepreneurship plants its flag in San Francisco. With Atelier in the Bay, Belgian scaling companies can be part of a physical … Read more

Free inflight WiFi galore

21/06/2016 |

“You’re taking an airplane like I’m taking my car.” As commonly heard by hip young urban kids on a mission to explore the world. Nothing wrong with learning a little about what’s … Read more

The highlights of the Failing Forward conference

15/10/2015 |

Last week we were the guests at the Failing Forward conference that took place in Brussels. It was a day where entrepreneurs and athletes shared their life-advices about failing in … Read more